This workshop is for all General Aviation pilots in the local area who have questions about crossing the line into an illegal air charter situation. We will talk about –

  • Part 135 Requirements
  • Pilot Qualifications and Training
  • Aircraft Certification, Maintenance and Leases

Illegal air charter operations pose a serious safety hazard to the traveling public. The FAA works aggressively to identify and stop illegal operations and to help passengers ensure the company they hire is operating to the regulatory standard.

Air charter operations — also known as commuter and on demand operations — require a higher level of FAA pilot training and certification, aircraft maintenance procedures, and operational safety rules. This is far beyond pilots who may take family or friends for an airplane ride. FAA inspectors perform more frequent periodic checks on air charter companies’ pilots, crewmembers and aircraft than they do on private pilot operations. Air charter crewmembers must undergo regular proficiency checks to maintain their FAA certifications.

Guest speakers include representatives from–the Federal Aviation Administration, Special Emphasis Investigations Team and General Counsel, NATA and an industry Attorney.

For more information and resources about safe air charter operations, go to

The FAA has taken a number of actions to ensure FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to investigate illegal charter operations. The agency formed a Special Emphasis Investigations Team (SEIT) to investigate complex cases; partner with the National Air Transportation Association (NATA)’s Air Charter Safety Foundation to help identify possible illegal operations; and continues to collaborate with industry trade associations to educate pilots and operators to ensure they understand all of the rules that apply to charter operations.

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